Bessie Coleman

Air Traffic Controllers

The FAA's air traffic controllers ensure the safe and efficient flight for about two million aviation passengers per day - or almost one billion people per year. Air traffic controllers safely manage more than 60 million aircraft annually to their destinations.

The U.S. air traffic controller workforce consists of approximately 15,000 dedicated and well-trained men and women working in air traffic control towers, terminal radar approach control centers, and en route control centers managing 30.2 million square miles of airspace.

Barry Walker graduated from Westwood High (Memphis, TN) in 1990. He joined the Air force and became an Air Traffic Control Specialist (ATC). After he got out of the Air Force, he accepted a position with the Department of Defense as an ATC Specialist.

He worked for the DOD for a few years and now works as an Enroute Air Traffic Controller at Memphis Air Route Traffic Control Center.

Barry says “If you're looking for an exciting, challenging and rewarding aviation career, become an FAA Air Traffic Controller”.


Latrisha Howard is an Air Traffic Controller at Memphis Air Route Traffic Control Center. She is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force, where she served her country as a Controller.

Born and raised in rural Mississippi, Latrisha is a passionate believer that, "All things are possible through Christ."

She is the mother of three incredible children. When she's not working, Latrisha enjoys reading and refurbishing antique furniture. Latrisha says “Put God first and everything will work out!”